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Cold chains in Canada need to be especially robust due to theregion’s vast territories and extreme temperatures. On this subject, Jim Bacon Cold Chain Industry Expert (formerly withGrifols) explained: "For a moment, consider just the driving challenges encountered over the vast Canadian landscape including distance, mountain winter conditions in the west, long hauls from Ontario to Alberta around the Great Lakes, and the ferry trips to Newfoundland, to mention a few. Learn more

Even within one season, the extremes in temperature across Canada spark the need for personalized solutions within its cold chain. When a personalized cold chain solution is required, clear and well-defined criteria is of the utmost importance to allow for accurate communication with partners. Learn more

Cold Chain IQ and Pharma IQ present the top content pieces for 2015 in this annual bumper, so you can browse through some of this year’s best articles to feature on the portals. Learn more

For years, IATA has been collaborating with supply chain stakeholders to understand and define industry-wide standard requirements for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products via air. Transporting healthcare products by air needs the establishment of complex logistical methods to maintain shipment’s integrity. It requires specific equipment, storage facilities, harmonized handling procedures and, above all, strong cooperation among the cold chain partners. Learn more

As identified by Dr. Roberto Torres (1) in a recent article, a high level of potential drugs fail to reach the market during clinical trials – which can incur large financial losses. Alongside a lack of efficacy, safety or economics, both poor planning and a failure to adequately assess the market for planning purposes are marked as key potential drivers for drug development failure. Often orchestrated on a global scale, clinical trials require the production and distribution of... Learn more

Innovation is thought to be a keystone in the process of being competitive in any market. Within clinical trial supply, a lack of innovation can be costly in regards to a range of variables. With this in mind, Pharma IQ discusses the latest trailblazing techniques in the arena with a panel of Clinical Trial Supply specialists. Learn more

The operation of clinical trials are integral to the progression of the pharmaceutical industry. These trials can be orchestrated on a global scale, producing and distributing the drug in question to participants over several years. Therefore, the supply of these trials represents one of the biggest challenges to be navigated. Undoubtedly, the efficient management of clinical trial supply entails regulating two dominant variables: time and money. Learn more

Cold Chain IQ speaks to a selection of industry professionals that have achieved success in the realm of temperature controlled logistics. Each story will give a snapshot of the hurdles tackled and the successes seen as well as the key takehomes from their project Learn more

Cold Chain Technologies notes that there are a plethora of thermal packaging solutions available on the market. These solutions are tested in different ways to different criteria making it very difficult for end users to compare systems on a level playing field. In this new whitepaper Cold Chain Technologies explores how to evaluate thermal packaging against seven critical categories. Learn more

irfreight as a service attracts a high price. But for products that warrant the costs of being transported via airfreight, this mode of transport is quick, supplies a high quality of service and can provide much needed compliance assistance. Life sciences products with a steady demand are better suited to be transported by ocean. However, David Bang, Global Head of DHL Temperature Management Solutions mentions that it is in line with the swift supply of new products where airfreight comes into its own. Learn more

190 whitepaper results
of 18