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Contributor: Miss Chanice Henry
Posted: 05/04/2016
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China’s State Council has passed an amendment on vaccine regulations just weeks after the launch of an investigation into incorrectly handled vaccines took place, in ‘a case that shook the country’. The amendment, which impacts multiple articles within Regulations for the Circulation and Inoculation of Vaccines, was passed on April 24th.Cold c Full Article »
Contributor: Cold Chain IQ
Posted: 04/13/2016
Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace of Genzyme outlines best practices to ensure product integrity is protected and accountability is defined throughout the supply chain. Full Video »
Contributor: Gary Hutchinson
Posted: 05/24/2016
Gary Hutchinson
Documentation strategy for your cold chain management validation practices has evolved over the last several years. The FDA and other regulatory agencies are requesting more and more specific information in the filing to confirm the impact to drug product during transport, and the effect transportation hazards have on shelf life. Full Column »