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Transportation & Logistics
Contributor: Miss Chanice Henry
Posted: 04/27/2016
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As more pressures are exerted upon the cold chain in the form of globalisation, high priced investments and regulatory demands, focus has zoomed in on cost efficiency and obtaining the most streamlined but secure route to the patient.  Lean management principles are known to be able to reduce costs and improve customer service within the cold Full Article »
Contributor: Cold Chain IQ
Posted: 04/13/2016
Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace of Genzyme outlines best practices to ensure product integrity is protected and accountability is defined throughout the supply chain. Full Video »
Contributor: Cathy Roberson
Posted: 04/27/2016
For healthcare professionals, the use of drones has huge benefits in particular the ability to reach remote areas that lack proper infrastructure to deliver lifesaving drugs and other necessities. Many tests are underway to determine its viability but as one can imagine, it is under much government scrutiny and regulators in many countries are working with the industry to develop requirements for the delivery and flying of drones. Full Column »